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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program

At SubashSEO, we are looking for affiliates or referral partners for our valuable services that are SEO, Web Design and Web Development.

To get 20% commission, you want to do is just refer clients to us. You will get commission on their every purchase and it will continue as long as the client stays with us.

If you already know how our SubashSEO affiliate marketing works then sign up now and start earning money or read on to get more information about affiliate marketing.

Know about the working procedure of our affiliate program

Affiliate program is not a simple one. At SubashSEO, we take our SEO affiliate program very seriously. We will provide you all necessary tools that you need to start making money today. Once your affiliate account is started up and then our affiliate center check for your affiliate code, banners, links, reviews and other creative and promotion ideas. In your affiliate account you have easy to use interface that will help you quickly embed your affiliate tracking code into any creative you like.

First Step: Give your SubashSEO affiliate code to your customer

  We will ask the affiliate code when your customer register with us.
  Once the customer is registered their account with your affiliate code then the customer is your       client. Whatever orders the customer register; you will get the commission for each and every order.
  The customer could not edit your affiliate code.

Second Step: You can click link from a website or email.

 Affiliate link can be clicked by Visitor on a site or in an email.
 For tracking, visitors IP are logged and a cookie is placed in their browser.
 Affiliate ID is automatically filled up while customer registers. Because customer is your client and     all orders from the customer will be registered as a sale for you.
 The customer could not edit the affiliate code.
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     I am a new customer
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